More tomb-raider.

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    I did a m2f conversion of misstiikeris skinny jeans with wonderland-boots. It includes a new mesh and four textures. What more to say.., swatch is included!

    Download: dropbox

    Am-version by misstiikeri here.

    - It’s the cage. Once you’re in here, you’re doomed. Like me..

    - Skorg?? And I though for a minute that I had a bad day.. What are you doing here, in your own prison..?

    - I did not want this. I never wanted this! Orma put me in here because I did not want to kill sims, like you. It’s not me running this place now.

    - But you threw sims to the dead ones, right? Does that not count as killing?

    - I’m not quite the same anymore. I was confused of this whole world! I took the chance I had to be feared, mostly because of all the fears I’ve had in the past.. Sims always laughed at me, made me a victim. Before this whole fallout, I was determined of blowing my head of or get abducted by aliens, or something. But when this happened, and when I saw my fears being eaten up by dead sims, I took the chance to become the leader myself. It was a mistake..

    - Man, that is one sad story.. You know what, Skorg.., we are going to get out of here! 

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    - Crap, what have I been messing with now? What is this place..?

    Late update.. Here are my retexture of specialsimflakes mesh, made for all ages cu-eu for both genders. The em-mesh is the same as the am, so you will not need it if you already got the am-mesh. Otherwise, all meshes are new. Pictured is ef, tm, tf and cu.

    Download: dropbox

    Am here, af here.

    Yay for lots of new meshes! I have other upcoming projects, and they will be released as soon as I’m done with the age-conversions.

    These are made as a request for im-simdrick-llama, a m2f version of my retexture of specialsimflakes mesh. This is a new mesh for af, and it will be converted for other ages as well. Enjoy!

    Download: dropbox

    Am here.

    - Embla! You are safe.

    - Mom, they took Felu! 

    - Who?

    - I dont know, I was hiding. We got to save her, mom! 

    - I just found you, I can not loose you again, Embla.

    - I wont leave without Felu.!

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    - I tell you Freia, Embla will not be in there. If she has been here, she has probably moved on. 

    - I will ask the window, then.

    And strangely enough, a familiar shadow was hiding in the darkness of the cabin..

    - mom?

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    Here is the teen-version of the survival-bottom only. New mesh by me is included, and contains the same three textures as the af-version. Textures by rented-space, lemonlion and me.

    Download: dropbox

    Af here.

    - Someone has been here, been living in this cabin. Not a pair of neat sims, I can see.

    - My intention says that something has happened here, Freia. I think somebody has died here. 

    - Of course, Sive. Everybody dies around these days. This does not concern me. 

    - Do you think Embla has been here?

    - That’s why we’re here, Sive. 

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    Tomb raider, survival-outfit converted by rented-space, made bottom-only. There are three colors, including textures by rented-space, lemonlion and me. The tf-version will be uploaded later. New mesh included.

    Download: dropbox

    Here is the tf and ef versions of the top-only tr-outfit converted by rented-space. These comes in the same two colors as the af one, and includes two new meshes. 

    Download: dropbox

    Af here.

    - The forest contains less snow on this side of it. It is frozen, so you got to be carefull to not slip, Sive.

    - It seems to disappear as well! I can see a cabin in the horizon. 

    - I can see it too. We better move on, to reach it.

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    Prepare for new updates, and this is the first one this weekend. I made rented-spaces conversion of tomb raider winter_outfit as a top-only. These are for af only, but I will convert them for tf and ef. I made them in its original texture, and a version similar to the sherry_birkin jacket. 

    Download: dropbox

    - So everybody is out there, looking for my sister and Felu. What are we supposed to do, besides watching Mistral?

    - What do you think, Einur? You see, we all have different missions here. Our mission is to keep Mistral alive, so that she can grow up and be strong. She will become a sim of how the world is now.

    - You’re right, Niflheim. But what about us? Will we ever fit this world? I’ve been out there, and so have you. The only thing that keeps us together is our missions and survival thoughts. 

    - What about love? Have you forgotten love, Einur? 

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