- I suppose we’ll have to go seperate ways now, Manna. Munin is gone, and I am not sure I will ever see her again. I dont even know where Felu is, I’ve lost my path and pleasures. This is truly the end..

    - Can I ask you to shut the hell up? I cant take this anymore! I get that you dont like me, and I understand now that you do not want me in your life. But really, we cannot just sit here and wait for the time to kill us. You are a fighter, right? Then you should truly act like one!

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    I made a retexture of deedee-sims top with robotarm, using fifthteen textures by misstiikeri. I recolored the arm as well, because grey fits my game more. Mesh and swatch are included.

    Download: dropbox

    Top-textures by Misstiikeri here, and robotarm-mesh by Deedee-sims here!

    - You know that you sooner or later will tell us the truth. I’ll ask you again; where can we find the rescuer of yours?

    A bloody and beaten Munin looked up at Ormas expectancy. She spit her in the face, and reapeted;

    - I will never tell.

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    - Listen, Arlun. We will not hurt you or cause you any violence if this is not a threat. You should be careful to make us your enemies. You do not want Vanja, Manna and I as your enemies.

    - I dont wanna play nice, and you should not try to do it either! We live in a world of hate and damage. You dont need to act like this is some sort of visiting. The two of you will not be strong enough to defend yourself anyway!

    - The three of us!

    - I would not be too sure about that. We caught the one of you an hour ago. I suppose you two were out arguing..? Take a look at the car!

    - Manna!

    - So here is how it’s gonna be; she can go free in exchange for one of you to lead us to your rescuer. You know, the one who got you out of the jail. Or, you can let us find the rescuer ourselves and we will collect Manna as one of Skorgs dead-ones.

    - I’ll do it. Take me, and let Manna go! 

    - Munin, what the hell are you thinking!?

    - Let her out of the car, Arlun! I will come with you!

    - Munin, no!

    - Vanja, listen. You will take care of Manna, and I will never let them find Felu. I promise they will never catch her, whatever it takes! And I will keep myself alive as long as I can. You know me, Vanja. I know how to fight.

    Would anyone like a couple of pant-retextures? I retextured my own mesh, using textures by kayleigh and misstiikeri. Comes for af, and amarylls shoeswapped mesh is included.

    Download: dropbox

    A black car arrived.

    - Hey there! I’m not the only one alive here, at least.

    - Who are you? 

    - My name is Arlun. I do not have to ask who you are. You are the enemies, right? 

    - What are you talking about? We dont even know you.

    - Yeah, right. But you will become my enemies as soon as you realize that I am yours..

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    - Vanja! Let me have a word with you.

    - What?

    - Distracting me? Stay away? What kind of game are you playing, Vanja? Manna and I are confused.

    - She’s been telling you..?

    - Who else would’ve told me? We are not that many sims around here, right?

    - But she has been in the way for too long, Munin. Dont you see that we cant trust her? She broke down right in front of a bunch of dead sims!

    - Manna has not slept for a long time! And do you know why? Because your words has kept her awake. Manna will stay with us, and she is one of the fighters. That she stays or not, is not you decision to make. From now on, I will be the one who makes the decisions!

    - What makes you think that you should be the leader? How can you even say that? I’ve done everything for you, and have been on your side the entire time! And now you’re going to boss me around like another child!

    - You are.., what is that sound..?

    - It sound like a car…

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    The male-version of my retexture of almightyhats shorn. Same as the female-version, six of pooklets colors (two greys for elders) with bloody textures. All ages.

    Download: dropbox

    Female-version here.

    - Do you feel better, Manna?

    - I’m fine. For how long have I been sleeping?

    - Some hours.., the morning will be here soon.

    - I’m sorry, Munin.

    - You have nothing to apologize, Manna! You was tired, and you needed to rest. You have not slept for days.

    - But to be tired is not an excuse for letting you down. I do not want to be weak! 

    - You’re not weak! We do not got time for being weak in this world. The ones who are weak, are dead. Those who are alive is the stronger sims, and you are one of them.

    - How can you treat others in such a kind way? The rest of us have been taken by depression and anger, and nobody trust each other. How can you trust anyone, Munin?

    - Because I can trust myself. And by doing that, I can trust myself to know who to trust or not. 

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    I made an apocalyptic/bloody retextre of almightyhats shorn. This hair is one of my personal favorites, and it comes in six of pooklets colors (including two greys for elders, as always) All ages, and male-version will be uploaded later.

    Download: dropbox

    Thank you for caring.

    Yeah, alright. I had no interests in uploading a pic of my desktop until I was tagged. Guess I’ll just throw it up then. 

    Tagging? Ain’t got time for that!

    - We’re of for a run, Felu! Hopefully, we’ll both be back for the morning.

    - Alright, bring me as much chocolate as you can find then. And dont die, please.

    The door slammed shut, and left visible dust around in the room.

    - Felu?

    - Yes, Embla. What is it?

    - I put myself in danger on purpose.., and you cared.

    - Yeah?

    - I cannot stop thinking of you because of that.

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  1. misstiikeri said: love your story and i just have to ask, did you name her after my embla or is that a coincident? my embla would be very happy if it was true haha!

    Thanks!! I’ve known about the name embla for a long time (since I read about norse mythology and language)

    To be honest, my embla is slightly based on my inspiration for your simblr wow! I’ve always wanted to use that name, and because your amazing embla-sim already used it, I chose to make her look a little like you, haha! Tell me if that is not alright, though.

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    - You know I have to teach you how to defend yourself, Embla.

    - I am ready for that. You know, I’ve never lived outside my home before. But I like the feeling of not hiding..

    - That is the reason I left my own home. Could you look at yourself as one of us? 

    - Felu, I am one of you! I’m like you, and you saved my life. 

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